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2024 DATES

 JUNE 8, 9 & 10TH,
SEPTEMBER 14, 15 & 16TH, NOVEMBER 2, 3  &4TH
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I'm Nancy Morrell Lamey
Clinical Therapist, Master Art Practitioner and Trainer

I never imagined I could be so excited to go to work.  Day after day I have the privilege of guiding people through this treatment process providing incredible healing results sometimes in 60 minutes. Nothing is untreatable even PTSD is treatable resulting in new health and hope or “post-traumatic growth” a term coined by founder Laney Rozenweig.

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Anxiety | Depression | PTSD | Anger Management  |  Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)  |  Chronic Illness  |  Chronic Pain  |  Codependency  |  Coping Skills  |  Emotional Disturbance  |  Family Conflict  |  Grief  |  Parenting  |  Personality Disorders  | Relationship Issues  |  School Issues  |  Self Esteem  |  Self-Harming  |  Sexual Abuse  |  Sports Performance  |  Stress  |  Substance Use  |  Suicidal Ideation  |

Trusting ourselves even just for a minute, and taking the risk to make the call allows us to reach out for help.  Although this may feel awkward or even "weak" it is actually one of our bravest and strongest moments.  This call will allow you to heal, to move on and to become happier while becoming more successful in your life experiences
Move forward into the future with more confidence and effectiveness about your decisions. Learn to navigate difficult situations.  Learn skills and strategies that support health of the human mind and body.

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ART is an evidence-based treatment that provides rapid recovery by reprogramming how the brain stores past traumatic events.  Using rapid eye movements (REM) and visualization techniques this treatment provides the opportunity to heal past trauma.

I am also trained in several other therapeutic interventions, such as DBT, ACT, CBT, Exposure Therapy, Trauma Informed, and Mindfulness; all of which contribute to the care I provide. I have also completed research in Emotional Development and Attachment patterns in 4-and-a-half-year-olds. 

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Monday to Friday

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

some availability for evenings depending on needs

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I was referred to Nancy Morrell-Lacey for Accelerated Resolution Therapy after I was a passenger in a rear-end car accident which left me unable to enjoy any type of driving. 

I would have a panic attack if we had to stop in traffic or make a left turn and a vehicle was coming up behind us.  I was afraid I was going to be the cause of an accident, whether I was driving or not, because I just wanted to step on it to get out of the way, in my mind the car would look like it wasn’t going to stop.   I struggled with this for a few years following the accident.  My husband was threatening to not drive with me in the car because I was so tense it was affecting him.  I was constantly watching out the side mirror, it was horrible, I would tense up just getting in the car to go even to work.

I really didn’t feel any different after my first session, it was a bit draining but I left and went home.   I didn’t realize the experience had helped in any way until a week or so after when we went to Halifax.  We were driving past the Lower Sackville/Valley exit in the far left lane when all of a sudden there was a loud horn, I looked out the side mirror and there was a gravel truck coming down the hill in our lane almost on top of us.  I just said step on it!   I hadn’t realized until that moment that I hadn’t looked out the side mirror the entire drive from New Glasgow.   Not only that, I was calm immediately following this,  not rattled like I normally would be.  Since having the ART I can enjoy getting in the car.

I had so much success that I have gone back a few times for other issues that I was struggling with.  I highly recommend Nancy for ART treatment.   I can’t say enough good about my experience.


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2561 Westville Rd #5
Westville Road, NS B2H 5C6

Offering Accelerated Resolution Therapy in Stellarton, Nova Scotia

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I humbly acknowledge the ancestral territory of Mi'kma'ki.  Mi'Ma'ki territory is the land of Wabanaki (People of the Dawn) Confederacy; which consist of four nations; Mi'kmaw, Maliseet, Passanquoddy, and Penobscot.  Mi'kma'ki is governed by the Peace and Friendship Treaties.

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